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Neptune Industrial Truck Scale Software features

Tons of tools!

Neptune is a dedicated application that controls the transit of materials by heavy vehicles. By using scales and transaction codes, it enables the tracking of all incoming and outgoing materials. Also, it allows the collection of useful information such as:

  • Customer
  • Vehicule
  • Contracts and special arrangements
  • Incoming and outgoing weight
  • Raw material pricing
  • Truck itinerar

Having the possibility to generate a series of management reports that are compatible with most current office automated tools through the use of a user friendly interface make Neptune a complete software management solution.


Key Features

Total control of your data

  • Data exportation to Excel, PDF, CSV and Word
  • Integrated advanced search filters
  • Add/remove functions with easy to fill out forms
  • Unlimited filters and sorting options
  • Unlimited editing on queued or logged transactions
  • One installation of Neptune allows to manage data output according to different geographical sites and companies.

Smooth user interface

  • Fast data entry
  • Navigation par onglets
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Rights management per user
  • Real time scale monitoring

Easy weigh-ins

  • Active communication with computerized scales
  • Automatic calculation of weight, costs and compulsory fees
  • Manual weigh-ins with visual scale dial
  • Technical support related to incoming/outgoing material
  • Queued concept for pending transactions
  • Notification system monitoring customers and products
  • Fast data recording/saving between transactions


Data categorized

  • 2 weigh-ins: in and out
  • Per managers, vehicles, customers, materials, origin/destination, fees.
  • Per clients and products with follow up, event tracking and deadline monitoring.

Personalized printing and reports

  • Totally customized tickets
  • Flexible search filters for each report.
  • Mandatory government of Quebec forms
  • Ticket email notification or on-site ticket printing
  • Centralized viewer and multiple data export formats (PDF, Excel, Word, CSV)
  • Numerous rules and filters for each report
  • Print jobs by report type to designated printers

Flexibilty for specific needs

  • Modifiable pricing per material, customer or contract
  • Customized development with complementary modules
  • Discount or increase settings over pricing
  • A variety of configuration options
  • Automatic price adjustment settings

Low maintenance

  • Software updates completely risk free for existing data
  • Remote troubleshooting by our experts (French/English support)
  • Exportable data for off-site backup

Transparent integration to your systems

Version 6.2 latest innovations

  • Restore reports with older values while saving existing data
  • Quick data recovery with the last transaction and output with new sales taxes
  • A software intended with North America’s climate in mind, allowing alternate weight input to be used during thawing periods
  • New features allowing minimum and maximum pricing of products per transaction
  • Define specific prices in a contract